Harness the Potential of Your Privilege

Build allyship.
Create social change.

What is Privilege?

A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit that provides additional advantage and opportunity to an individual, class, or caste.
Access or entitlement which may be acquired or developed based on our individual identities, lived experiences and characteristics.
The reality of having parts of one’s identity which require little attention to protecting oneself from danger, discrimination, or ridicule.

Wake up to privilege

We all have some form of privilege which gives us the ability to influence people and society more than we realise.
Move from an unconscious to conscious understanding of our given/acquired privileges to use them for good and create a more level playing field.

reframe privilege

With The Privilege Project, we have a vision to reframe privilege and how it is understood and leveraged in order to remove barriers, fight the good fight and create a more just world.
The Privilege Project will introduce you to the different kinds of privileges that exist, further exploring how they manifest and affect people from varying backgrounds, identities, and socio-economic status. Check out our Privilege Showcase to learn about some of them.
Through the medium of building awareness, educating, using relatable content, bold and brave conversations, creative storytelling, we have a roadmap to building allyship and advocacy through actionable pathways.

we all have a role to play

We have the choice to be an upstander, by taking positive action as an ally, or to be a bystander by not intervening. Either way, a silent spectator is an active enabler. Choose wisely.
The more we understand our privileges, its consequences and its power, the better positioned we are to use that privilege for good and to address critical issues in society. Speak up.

be part of the change


Welcome to The PLAN, our innovative modular programme for companies and their delegates! This is an exciting learning experience, with flexible learning with training videos, handouts and quizzes, along with structured sessions and events over a 3-month cohort. More details here.
Contact us on info@privilegeproject.org for a brochure, with cohort dates, pricing and to arrange a free consultation meeting.

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Diversity Calendar 2024

Take a moment to appreciate the diversity that surrounds us. Much like diverse spices and herbs, each individual contributes distinct flavors to enhance our shared experiences. Let’s cherish the fact that we are different, savour the variety, and play to our collective strengths as we navigate this year. Be joyful, be helpful, be kind. Diversity is the spice of life, and inclusion is the recipe that brings out the best in all of us.