How will we achieve our goal?

Through mediums of written text, storytelling, video and training, we will educate, share knowledge, provide practical, action-based advice and inspire people to think and behave differently to create a more level playing field for all.

Free online content

Free online content for all to access to increase and improve knowledge about different types of privilege

Subscriptions Sponsorship

Company subscriptions to educate their employees in how to recognise their own privilege and then use it to benefit others

Sponsorship opportunities for individuals and companies who like to collaborate and share their thought leadership on this agenda

Experienced Trainers

Professional and experienced group of Super Trainers/ Facilitators to deliver results in your business or to train your own in-house trainers to deliver the same via an accreditation

Super Facilitators

Super Trainers/Facilitators, accredited in-house trainers and those who have been trained will all have access to a progressive web app (PWA) to support their ongoing learning and

Advisory Board

All grounded, underpinned and regularly refreshed by a Patrons Group/ Advisory Board with diverse backgrounds, diverse experience across different companies and sectors and a passion for reimagining what some say cannot be done