Why is pursuing or achieving a perceived ‘good’ profession seen as a privilege?


Why is pursuing or achieving a perceived ‘good’ profession seen as a privilege?
Career is an occupation or series of jobs for which a person trains and builds on their experience for a significant part of their working life. A career offers opportunities through progression, promotion, fulfilment, and success. The assumption is that we choose a career as a life-long profession, whose value is associated with the standing of the profession, the employer reputation, with increased earning power, growth and status.

Why Career seen as a privilege?

Having a career that is widely acknowledged in society affords a person greater social status, credibility, trust and even appeal.

It can bring more structured professional opportunities, recognition, employability.  Established careers also generally provide greater financial stability and a solid and dynamic professional network.

What is your Privilege

  • My career and professional status are recognised and respected
  • Doors open for me because of the career I have established.
  • My line of work has enabled me to build an extensive professional network
  • I have opportunities to grow and progress in my career (e.g., promotion, training, development etc)
  • I enjoy the stability that comes with a sustained career.

Stats Don’t Lie 

  • Not all careers are equal. The top 10 careers fall under the umbrella of health care and technology, when considering employability, work life balance, job security and earning potential (Career Profiles, 2022).
  • There are between 3.2 million and 37.8 million influencers in the world, who are on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In April 2022, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) identified pay disparity in the influencer industry. The report referred to a racial pay gap of 35% exists between white and black influencers. (Parliament, House of Commons, 2022)
  • People are seen as more successful if they have corporate careers regardless of what they actually earn (HR Zone, 2022)

What to do next?

Challenge your perceptions of what you think ‘ambitious’ and ‘career driven’, means. Recognise the meaning of ‘career’ has been disrupted and is constantly evolving. Acknowledge that society continues to place greater credence and benefit on traditional careers and associated professions & occupations. If you’re interested in starting a journey to learn more, then join The Privilege Project today.

Watch the recorded session on Career privilege from our September event.