Social Class

Why is being from a middle or upper class seen as a privilege?
Although social class is something people are born into, there is an assumption that higher classes have earned their position in society. Due to their access to better education, social networks and more opportunities, they have the knowledge, connections and behaviours to get ahead compared to people of working and lower classes, who are often blamed for their own lack of resources

Why is being from a certain social class seen as a privilege?

Being from a middle or upper class gives you more economic freedom and social access. Individuals from a middle to upper class background can experience more and afford more luxuries in life.

Socio-economic Status (SES) also has significant impact on education, job opportunities, health and well-being, which make significant differences to lived experience and life satisfaction between people of different classes.

Because of their wealth and social influence, those from middle to upper classes are more valued and considered in important matters like politics , media and product development. Those from a lower class are often depicted and perceived negatively as though lacking personal qualities to get ahead such as ambition, or the “right” social behaviours – Rather than acknowledge that they have not had the same opportunitieis

What is your privilege

  • When I wear second-hand clothing because it’s fashionable and sustainable
  • I’ve been offered a professional opportunity because of a family and friend connection
  • It is normal for me to enhance  my personal life by buying access to holidays, the gym, clubs, certain luxuries like therapy and beauty treatments
  • I never worry about getting sick because I have access to good health care benefits and have private medical insurance

Stats don’t lie

  • 10% of people from working-class backgrounds make it into higher managerial, professional occupations. This is exacerbated when you consider women, ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. (ONS Labour Force Survey)
  • It can take four to five generations for children of a low-income family to reach the average income level (OECD, 2019)
  • The class you were born into is a high predictor of the class you will remain in all your life (OECD, 2020)

What to do next?

Social class refers to the construction of groups of people within a society who possess the same socioeconomic status. If you’re interested in starting a journey to see what more you can do then join the Privilege Project today.

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